Quality of Life


I’m Nicole McNamee and I’m a pharmacist and married to my husband Tim, and we have 4 children.

As a pharmacist and having a pharmacy and we have the durable medical equipment. We see the patients that that the Diabetes Coalition has benefited. We see that their quality of life has totally changed.

They have gone from having A1Cs of 10 and 11 and halving that to 5 and 6 and it amazing, you see it first-hand what the difference the Mingo County Diabetes Coalition has done for our area and wonderful people we have. They are providing the services and doing the education and it has made a huge difference.

We have twin boys they are 13, and the very 1st 5k we had the 13 year old boys won it. A family that exercises, participates, and plays games together; it brings a family closer.

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