2nd Place Photo Contest Winner, Jessica Browning

2nd Place Photo Contest Winner, Jessica Browning

Last year I read the book, “Wheat Belly” (William Davis M.D.) after it was suggested to me by Dr. Beckett while I was on my Rural Medicine rotation. I decided then to cut out the wheat, and start eating clean, and getting fit. I also ran my first 5K a few weeks later, “Coal Dust Run” and was quickly addicted.

However, with the stress of school, studying, traveling to multiple rotation sites, and the lack of funds (because let’s face it, college kids are dirt poor) I had to quickly result back to eating on the go, back to the wheat, and back to sitting on the couch studying. With recently graduating PA school, passing my boards, and getting hired for my first REAL job as a PA-C in the Emergency Department at LRMC I decided the new year was the perfect time to start back with the, “new me.”

Since the first of January I am eating clean, no wheat, no gluten, and back to working out and running. In that time I have lost 5 lbs, gained my energy back, and I am no longer depressed. All together I just feel great! Not to mention I have learned to shop/ eat healthy on a budget!

I am also excited to participate in my first 5K of 2015, “Teals the Deal” virtual run, which is in support of Cervical Cancer Awareness. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness month and I only see fit to participate in my first race of the new year with one that I have personally been affected by. My bib should be in the mail any day now!

Staying fit in the winter can be hard, but with the right foods, right mindset, and the right budget it can be done. 🙂

Jessica Browning PA-C

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